Here are a number of the essential command line git commands that can be used day to day for working on shared repos in corporate environments.  I use a combination of commandline and visual tools to manage my git repos and source code, and find it the perfect combination of power, speed and capability.  
In a bind (or on a remote server via ssh) you can easily get by with just the commandline.

If you are looking to develop a Yeoman scaffolded AngularJS using the marvelous cloud development environment here is a quick helper on getting the `grunt serve` webserver working.

I've recently been searching for a modern forum platform to use for and noticed the Discourse project was starting to look very tempting indeed.

Coming from Jeff Atwood and Sam Saffron you know it will be well thought out...  both from the technical side, but also from the human interaction aspect.

It's been a good couple of days tech wise for me.. I've been settling into my new IPad Mini which is going very well, an extremely good bit of kit that has enabled me to leave my laptop behind most days.

I also succumbed to the draw of the Raspberry Pi (be rude not too for 30 quid) and today I got to play on a Microsoft Surface whilst at the London Boat Show.... Geek heaven.

So how does the Surface rate after an initial hands on? I played with the 32GB Surface RT with a keyboard cover and first impression was that this device was a stylish ultrabook with a touchscreen. It is quite a wide machine and doesn't look like a conventional (ipad?) tablet due to the 16:9 ratio.

So today is a very fine day as my Shortee Syntax has come to life with it's very own website -

The general gist is that Shortee gives you an easy way to track things that you do.  For example, we went mountain biking today for 9kms, if I wanted to record this I would create the following Shortee:

@JeremyNevill mountainbiked 9kms 05/oct/2012